The fund invested for sustainable finance.
What if we elevated the standards in finance?

Invested in a common mission, 12 major Quebec financial organizations have teamed up to launch Investi: the first investment fund created to benefit the sustainable finance ecosystem.

Through its innovation fund for sustainable finance, Investi invests in experienced managers who offer innovative sustainable investment strategies. Investi aspires to inspire the financial sector to adopt best practices in ESG integration and impact investing.

Thanks to its collective intelligence, Investi invests to elevate industry standards and make lasting change in the world of finance—and the world.

A $300M fund for more innovation in sustainable finance

Having raised $300 million through various interests with a target launch date in the fall of 2023, Investi aims to raise up to $1 billion in assets. The fund will then grant mandates to experienced managers with the best ESG integration and impact investing strategies and practices, in four distinct asset classes: equity, fixed income, hedge funds, and private placements.

Eligible asset management firms

The firms chosen during the selection process must notably demonstrate how they stand out from their international peers in terms of integrating ESG factors and sustainable development strategies, in addition to fulfilling the following criteria. (Details in the application form.)

Experienced firms

  • Firms with an equity or fixed income strategy must hold more than C$1 billion in assets under management.
  • Firms with a hedge fund strategy must hold more than C$500 million in assets under management.
  • Firms with an alternative strategy for illiquid assets and private placements must have launched at least two (2) funds and/or hold more than C$300 million in assets under management.

High ESG standards

  • The firm must demonstrate how it distinguishes itself from its peers in terms of ESG integration and sustainable finance. The firm must notably have a solid and demonstrable approach to integrating ESG factors.
  • ESG and sustainable finance knowledge and competencies must be an integral part of the firm’s requirements for the investment team.

Established in Quebec

  • The firm must be established in Quebec or have the majority of the team in charge of managing the proposed strategy established in Quebec.
  • For foreign firms, this condition can be met through a predetermined schedule, as detailed in the application form.

Eligible asset management strategies

The firms chosen during the selection process for proposed ESG integration or impact investing strategies must notably have a verifiable performance history of at least three (3) years for a similar strategy. Their strategies must also meet the following criteria. (Details in the application form.)

ESG integration

  • The strategy must reflect a solid and demonstrable approach to integrating ESG factors and take ESG materiality criteria into account.
  • The strategy must provide an approach for shareholder engagement, accountability and transparency for the ESG/sustainability factors.
  • The strategy and assets must have undergone a full climate change assessment by the investment team.

Thematic and impact investing

  • The strategy and applicable change theory must be consistent with the investments.
  • In addition to financial returns, the strategy must take several sustainability goals into account and furthermore demonstrate how the assets in the portfolio align with these goals.
Inspired by Investi?
Upon receiving all the application forms, the Investi investment committee will analyze the applications and establish a preliminary list of candidates. The firms chosen in this first step will undergo an interview process and due diligence in the summer of 2023, after which final selections will be made.

The first application period is now closed.
The selected firms will be announced in the fall of 2023.
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Information meeting for interested firms

Contact us to attend the virtual Investi Fund information meeting.

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